The Customer

Southern Cross Hospitals plays a vital role in New Zealand’s private elective surgery market and make a significant contribution. The Southern Cross Hospitals national network consists of wholly-owned hospitals and innovative joint venture facilities, operated in partnership with leading healthcare specialists.

At Southern Cross Hospitals, clinical notes are an important aspect of a patient’s record. They are the repository of critical thinking and facts about a patient’s condition to any caregiver who will need to access a patient’s health record. Notes are regularly entered and provide chronological documentation of a patient’s clinical care. The nursing staff at Southern Cross Hospitals generally write notes every two hours as part of their patient rounding. This results in a high volume of notes written by a range of authors.

Southern Cross Hospitals was looking for an electronic solution for clinical notes to improve legibility, availability and accuracy. This electronic solution would also provide an opportunity to improve accessibility and sharing of information with the team involved in the patient’s care.