Orion Health’s Dr. Chris Hobson interviewed for electronic health record integration.

Chris Hobson, MD, CMO and chief privacy officer for Scottsdale, Arizona-based Orion Health, states that as a facilitator for health information exchanges and other health networks, EHRs tend to be static in their data function, so that they are reliant on other sources for the most pertinent, up-to-date information.

Thus, Orion Health serves as a go-between entity that plugs gaps between the HIE and EHR through automated data feed and by utilizing clinical support staff to procure the most significant data for the physician.

“We’re well aware physicians are unhappy with the value they get from EMRs,” Hobson said. “Clearly they’ve not been given all they hoped. So what do we do about it? Orion Health started integration to integrate data and web portals to see the data from multiple systems. We’ve done that with HIE, which gives clinicians a lot of value. Part of it is to replace and give functionality the client doesn’t have.”

Orion Health is working to configure HIEs to collate and sort data by topic and chronology, with the most recent developments at the top. It is also assembling the system so it provides all relevant data in the most logical manner.

“We are working on cracking the nut – we haven’t quite cracked it yet, but we know what the nut is,” he said.

The original article appeared on the Healthcare IT News website.