15 February 2024

Wangaratta, Victoria – Northeast Health Wangaratta (NHW), a leading Victorian health service committed to providing quality healthcare to more than 90,000 people across North East Victoria, is midway through a strategic upgrade to their digital care record (DCR) in partnership with Orion Health. The upgrade comes as part of NHW’s ongoing commitment to improving patient safety, clinical outcomes, and overall satisfaction.

Since 2003, NHW has relied on Orion Health’s DCR to streamline healthcare operations and enhance patient care. However, Orion Health and NHW identified the need for a modern, future-proofed solution that aligns with their core goals. The decision to upgrade was further reinforced by the challenges posed by major health events such as COVID-19 and natural disasters, which put considerable strain on the local healthcare system in the Hume region.

The upgrade will introduce extensive new functionality, including improved workflows, faster access to information, greater user experience, and enhanced integration capabilities. The refreshed user interface will provide clinicians with personalisation options, enabling them to tailor their view and improve productivity.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Orion Health to upgrade our digital care record,” said Cam Saunders, Chief Technology and Information Manager at NHW. “This modern solution will empower our clinicians with better tools to improve patient outcomes, provide seamless care, and enhance overall efficiency.”

The discovery exercise conducted by Orion Health revealed areas of improvement, including a significant reliance on handwritten clinical notes and obs on paper graph forms. The new solution can enable manual processes to be digitised, leading to enhanced data accuracy and efficiency.

Key features of the upgraded DCR include:

  • Dashboards and Configurable Cards: The solution will offer a curated summary display of patient information, allowing clinicians to access relevant data at a glance, leading to faster decision-making.
  • Enhanced User Interface: A refreshed user interface will enable faster navigation and information access, tailored to individual clinician preferences.
  • Medication Management: – The DCR will allow reconciliation of patient medications and prescribe upon discharge to ensure a smooth transition back home.
  • Roadmap to Mobility on Devices, eReferrals and Progress Notes: The future roadmap includes the seamless integration of eReferrals and progress notes, further streamlining patient care processes. The roadmap also includes the introduction of mobile device capabilities, empowering clinicians with access to patient information on-the-go, enhancing the quality of care and communication.

“Orion Health is proud to be the technology partner of choice for Northeast Health Wangaratta’s digital care record upgrade,” said Niru Rajakumar, Orion Health Vice President APAC. “This collaboration represents a shared commitment to innovation, digital transformation, and ultimately, improving patient outcomes.”

The go-live for the upgraded DCR is scheduled for mid-2024, with a roadmap of continuous enhancements planned for the future. The implementation will support NHW in its mission to provide high quality and safe healthcare services to the communities it serves.

About Northeast Health Wangaratta (NHW):

Northeast Health Wangaratta is a leading Victorian health service serving more than 90,000 people across North East Victoria. They offer a comprehensive range of healthcare services, including 24/7 Emergency Department, acute and sub-acute care, aged care facilities, and community-based programs. For more information, please visit www.northeasthealth.org.au