The Digital Council for Aotearoa announced that PDH CEO and Director of Research for Orion Health, Dr Kevin Ross, has been appointed to the council.

The Digital Council is an independent group of experts who advise the government on how to navigate the rapidly changing digital and data landscape in a way that will benefit all New Zealanders.

CEO of Precision Driven Health (PDH) and Director of Research for Orion Health, Dr Kevin Ross, says he’s delighted to be appointed to the Council.

“It’s an honour to be invited to contribute to the work that the council does,” says Kevin.

“The goal of the Council – to ​​maximise the societal benefits of digital and data-driven technologies – aligns with our purpose at PDH, which is to optimise the health of every individual and their whānau by combining and learning from all available data,” he says.

The Minister for Digital Economy and Communications, David Clark, appoints all members of the Digital Council in a process facilitated by the Department of Internal Affairs.

Minister Clark says that, to date, the Council’s research and advice has focused on the importance of trust and inclusion in the digital world, which reflects the key themes of the government’s in-development Digital Strategy for Aotearoa.

“(Kevin and Julia)’s internationally recognised expertise in data and digital insights will be invaluable as it focuses on digital innovation,” Dr Clark said.

“In health data science, we face the challenge of creating value for society by analysing data that is sensitive, and must be respected. This kaitiakitanga (guardianship) and value conversation is at the heart of digital innovation”.

Dr Ross is one of two new members of the Digital Council, and joins the seven-strong team along with Julia Arnott-Neenee of the Spinoff Group. They have been appointed for a 12-month term, which can be renewed.

As of 17th December, the Digital Council for Aotearoa will consist of:

  • Mitchell Pham (Chair)
  • Roger Dennis
  • Kendall Flutey
  • Colin Gavaghan
  • Nikora Ngaropo
  • Julia Arnott-Neenee
  • Kevin Ross

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