Earlier this year, Orion Health successfully migrated Southern Cross Healthcare’s Clinical Workstation platform to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Continuing their quest to deliver access to quality healthcare to their patients and be at the forefront of innovation, Southern Cross Healthcare made the decision to shift this critical business application, comprising Orion Health Amadeus, Care Pathways and Problem List, to AWS.

Clinical Workstation is important to Southern Cross Healthcare’s clinical teams to provide an integrated view of a patient’s medical record; improving accessibility and sharing of information with the team involved in the patient’s care.

Chief Digital Officer for Southern Cross Healthcare, Trevor Delany, says the migration has been smooth due to the strength of collaboration between Southern Cross Healthcare, Orion Health and AWS.

“Given the criticality of Clinical Workstation to our hospital operations and care delivery, planning had to be comprehensive and our transition swift and extremely well-orchestrated,” says Mr Delany.

The successful migration to AWS will provide Southern Cross Healthcare with opportunities to extend and modernise their platform, automate deployments, enhance monitoring and reduce downtime, while benefitting from improved resiliency and better interoperability.

Mr Delany says moving to AWS also immediately unlocks new capabilities for Southern Cross Healthcare.

“Our digital strategy is predicated on leveraging cloud-based infrastructure and services for resiliency as well as access to evergreen capabilities. We’re now designing and building new customer experience capability in cloud services, which gives us flexibility to move with the business,” says Mr Delany.

Ian McCrae, CEO and founder of Orion Health, says “We’re excited to be partnering with Southern Cross Healthcare on their journey to enabling a paperless patient record. The migration of Clinical Workstation to AWS is a key milestone on the journey, allowing cloud automation and tooling, robust release governance, reduced downtime, and stronger privacy and security.”

Terry Moore, CEO of Southern Cross Healthcare, highlights “Our partnership with Orion is an important enabler of our digital strategy; it forms the backbone of many of the innovative and enhanced ways we look to bring quality, affordable healthcare to more New Zealanders.”

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