Orchestral reimagines the aggregation of data and how it is used in healthcare in the modern machine learning era.

The Orchestral health intelligence platform, announced at HIMSS23, is the biggest step forward in health data since the advent of integration engines some 20 years ago, finally unlocking the power of data to inform better healthcare decisions.

Orchestral is the world’s first out-of-the-box health specific data platform which can be cloud or on premise hosted, and features include built-in machine learning, natural language processing, data de-identification, terminology service, patient indexing, data integration, elastically scalable, data analytics capabilities, zero downtime upgrades and much much more.

Orion Health global CEO, Brad Porter says, Orchestral sunsets the need for customers to cobble together multiple point solutions and components from different vendors, often built on antiquated technology. These point solutions and components will ultimately be rendered obsolete. Orchestral provides a hub for all data, applications and services in a health system.

“This has all been made possible by utilising modern tech such as Spark, Jupyter, Docker, Kubernetes, Kafka, Elastic Search, Postgres, microservice API’s, and much more. Orchestral is the most scalable intelligent data platform on the market being not only able to store data for hundreds of million of patients in the cloud but also able to scale right down to a MacBook or even a Raspberry Pi cluster!

“Orchestral is the culmination of 30 years of Orion Health working with healthcare data and interoperability, handling hundreds of millions of patients records and on the journey to provide a truly intelligent health data platform for the future,” says Porter.

Artificial intelligence is baked into Orchestral, allowing for out-of-the-box machine learning, natural language processing and algorithm management. The platform allows for simple viewing of the data and also the ability to integrate into other applications.

“So many healthcare systems around the world are sitting on data, but they have no idea what they’ve got or how to analyze it. By aggregating all of a patient’s data, and storing it in a way that is accessible for AI, we’ve revolutionized how healthcare organizations can view their data, identify gaps in care and target resources more efficiently,” says Porter.

Orchestral can ingest and store every type of data related to individual patients, healthcare providers. This includes structured and unstructured data from HL7 and FHIR standards, social determinants of health, genomics, environmental and behavioral health.

“Health data is more than just HL7 and FHIR – it’s the information that is deep in the clinicians’ notes that can hold the real value. As an all-in-one data platform, Orchestral can natively ingest all types of data, and store it in a way ready to drive actionable insights for customers within hours,” says Porter.

“Health-related data requires a health-specific approach. Orchestral is purpose-built for health data, by people who have had first-hand experience with global health systems over many years. Big data cloud providers have transformed financial services, technology, and retail. Orchestral will now disrupt the healthcare landscape with its unique architectural approach to data ingestion, storage, analysis and the ability to share with other applications.”

Sharing of healthcare data for other uses such as research, public health, personalised medicine, and algorithm development is on the rise. Orchestral, through its De-Identify feature, can safely provide anonymised and de-identified patient data to provide end users the opportunity to advance healthcare outcomes for all.

Orion Health’s Unified Healthcare Platform
Orchestral is one of the three arms of Orion Health’s Unified Healthcare Platform.

Orion Health’s digital care record or HIE, provides an integrated platform that consolidates patient data across care settings, enabling enhanced care coordination and population health management. These are used throughout multiple global health systems including 10 statewide health information exchanges in the United States.

Orion Health’s digital front door, is a consumer engagement platform that integrates data, tools and services for end-to-end healthcare navigation and management. This tool empowers people to access and engage with their own healthcare and is being implemented across parts of Canada.
“The health sector has a long way to catch up in terms of technology, and health providers can’t rely on generalist cloud-computing companies who don’t understand health to manage their needs. Orchestral and the other products in the Unified Healthcare Platform suite are radicalizing how we use data in healthcare,” says Porter.

Orion Health is unveiling Orchestral at the HIMSS23 global health conference in Chicago this week.
To mark the launch, Orion Health is offering the chance to win a travel package for two to New Zealand. HIMSS23 delegates simply need to visit the Orion Health at Booth #2643 (Hall A) and have our team scan your badge to enter.

For more information on Orion Health’s Unified Healthcare Platform, visit www.orionhealth.com

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