Get a comprehensive view of your patient with data aggregation from both traditional and non-traditional sources. 


Amadeus is the platform for Population Health Management and Precision Medicine that provides healthcare professionals with the real-time cognitive support they need to make the best possible decisions at the point of care. 


The open platform scales to accommodate the vast amount of data generated by new models of care, to support the journey from population health management to precision medicine. Amadeus's API management layer allows third party developers to build new capabilities on the platform, creating an innovative healthcare ecosystem. 

Benefits of Amadeus

Key Features

Access all types of patient data in one place

Data domains aggregate clinical, claims, consumer, and other healthcare data types (such as social determinants, family history, device and omics data) into well-defined data models that expand the longitudinal health record. 

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Capture and store massive volumes of data

Built using the latest storage technologies and a distributed processing architecture, Amadeus is unparalleled in its ability to extract maximum value from today’s data and prepare organisations for exponential data growth. 


Extract future value from data collected today

The Data Lake is an annotated archive, retaining all source data in its original form. Organisations can focus on their immediate needs, safe in the knowledge that all data is being retained for future analysis and enhanced modelling.  

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Configure a data domain specifically for your business

Custom data domains enable bespoke data models to be designed by subject-matter experts and deployed through simple user interface.  


Interoperability with the HL7® FHIR® standard APIs

Amadeus supports FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) APIs, innovative HL7 REST services for accessing discrete information. The platformallows third-party developers to access the rich data and services in real time through its API management layer and open, REST-based APIs.  

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Machine learning integrated to workflow

Amadeus provides a central platform to host validated machine learning models. It supplies one place to manage the lifecycle of algorithms and models and ensure their long-term applicability, accuracy and performance with its robustgovernance and monitoring tools and practices. 


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