Children are entitled to many universal health services that are delivered by many different providers. However, some children miss out on these, particularly those administered in the first 1000 days. This can lead to episodes of ill health, leading to increased utilisation of emergency and secondary care services, and, for some, lifelong harm and disability.  

Families must repeatedly share their details; providers lose contact with families, and children miss out on timely healthcare. 

No national child health system exists to share data in real-time. Child health information, held by multiple specialty organisations, are scattered across the sector in siloes. It is impossible to identify patterns for those children who are falling between the “system” cracks or produce system-level insights. 

Ensuring every child receives universal health services 

The NCHIP solution is a digital health platform, designed to track the provision of health checks of children from birth to 6 years old, by locality. Families moving geographically in New Zealand, have their information follow them; helping child healthcare providers to identify children, track and monitor milestone progress. 

A comprehensive view of each child 

For each child, the platform tracks and monitors progress through 29 universal health milestones and then collates siloed health information into a single electronic health record. The platform includes an embedded self-service reporting solution that can produce population health patterns and trends. 

Benefits of NCHIP

Key Features

Prioritise and share child lists

Child health providers can prioritise follow-up interactions using lists. Children can be semantically grouped by common characteristics and added to a list, which can then be shared between various care providers. Having a consolidated list improves clinical efficiency and effectiveness. 


Prioritise Mockup.png
Review Milestones Mockup.png

Review a child’s milestones

Capture and monitor each child’s universal child health milestones in real-time. Quickly capture general or specific notes relevant to the child, so the wider care team can review the history to the case and provide continuity of care. 

Circle of Care collaborating on the same record

The Circle of Care represents the full spectrum of healthcare providers and whānau involved in a child’s care. Providers are curated and organised according to the following categories: 

  • Friends and Family 
  • Care Team 
  • Organisations 
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Build Pathways Mockup.png

Build childcare pathways across the healthcare continuum

To ensure the safe and appropriate sharing of information between health care providers and re-engagement of children and families who are overdue multiple milestones or ‘lost to service’.  

Support cross-team communications and collaboration

To support the sharing of information between health care providers and capturing of progress notes, the Notes functionality allows users to create, edit and search for information, recorded against a child’s record.  

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