Data scientists and researchers across New Zealand are supporting the COVID-19 pandemic response. This support often comes in the form of scenario modelling or risk prediction. Development of new algorithms and models is occurring at pace, and there is a need to be able to provide a stable, automated and scalable process for operational use of approved models. 

Orion Health has been awarded funding via the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment COVID-19 Acceleration Fund to deliver a New Zealand Algorithm Hub, which will provide the infrastructure, tooling and resources necessary to support operational modelling and timely information dissemination to the government, healthcare organisations and professionals.

Our goal is to: 
  • Rapidly deliver a series of COVID-19 related models that provide immediate value in support of New Zealand’s COVID-19 pandemic response. 
  • Achieve broad engagement and use across DHBs, government organisations, data scientists and researchers. 
  • Lay the foundation for a national algorithm management solution that will provide value to our customers beyond the current pandemic response

New Zealand will be the first country, globally, to deploy a national algorithm management solution, to securely provide the infrastructure, tooling and resources necessary to support operational modelling and timely information sharing. 

To any New Zealand health, government or academic organisation supporting or involved in the pandemic response: 
  • Free access to models, algorithms or risk calculators developed or deployed by Orion Health as a part of this initiative, for the duration of the pandemic response. 
To data scientists, researchers or other parties creating models or algorithms: 
  • A path to getting models used in practice quickly and at scale. 

We are currently prioritisting a pipeline of COVID-19 related models for implementation and encourage you to get in touch with us if you would like to discuss this further.