The rapid emergence of COVID-19 and its far-reaching effects have been a startling wake-up call for patients and healthcare providers across the globe. Amidst travel bans, political disputes and economic crises, countries are confronted with questions around how to maintain a sustainable healthcare system.

These concerns are well founded. It is clear from events that have unfolded in China, Italy, Iran and other countries that health systems need to prepare for a massively increased load – especially on their hospitals. Demand for essential items such as intensive care unit (ICU) beds, respirators, ventilators and personal protective equipment is expected to greatly exceed supply.

With minimal knowledge on the biology of the disease, interventions need to be agile to meet a rapidly evolving threat. Now is the time for healthcare officials to turn their attention to digital health to support the sustainability of healthcare systems during a pandemic relies on technology.

This white paper outlines key technologies health systems should consider in combating this pandemic. Together these technologies form a complete package for health systems to use in managing an unprecedented threat to their sustainability and their ability to minimize loss of life.