There is a transformation underway in healthcare, with the adoption of Clinical Decision Support (CDS). This combined knowledge of device, data and decisions, will enhance healthcare globally now and into the future.

CDS is a health information technology system that is designed to provide clinicians and other health professionals with clinical decision support. CDS has three core components: Device, Data, and Decisions. Data is derived from the electronic device and subsequent clinical decisions are then formulated. Today, it is recognised that CDS has enormous benefits that optimise every aspect of healthcare (i.e. the individual patient, the acute care setting in a hospital and the health of the national population), but the challenge is (a) to make the CDS implementation easier to attain its full potential and (b) to provide rich CDS solutions embedded with the patient’s electronic healthcare record (EHR). 

CDS is no longer a ‘nice to have’ option, globally, healthcare organisations are required to provide appropriate care, reduce medical errors and control healthcare costs. There is an ever growing list of international standards and regulations established for improving healthcare outcomes across the healthcare delivery network, which requires clear CDS capabilities. 

This paper explores aspects of the CDS system, including, market gaps, drivers and challenges. It will also highlight the importance of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) embedded CDS and the basic CDS functionality required to start making positive change in the healthcare ecosystem. 

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