Orion Health provides software to support remote patient care during pandemics such as COVID-19 

Orion Health is applying its resources, technology and experience to offer support to its customers, as healthcare organisations globally face exceptional challenges from the COVID-19 outbreak.   

The company is making available its comprehensive screening and remote monitoring software to help manage the care of patients. This supports remote patient assessment and care co-ordination by clinicians, through configuration of existing and well-established technology.  

Orion Health’s Remote Patient Monitoring solution is already delivering clinical and patient benefits in regions including Quebec in Canada. 

These solutions are designed to alleviate demand on health systems and reduce the risk of further spread of viruses. The Orion Health software that supports this will be offered without cost to existing customers to support the current COVID-19 outbreak. 

The core functionality includes the ability to remotely monitor and engage patients in their homes, enabling communication between quarantined and self-isolating patients and their local healthcare service, as well as maintaining visibility of those recently discharged. The intention is to alleviate spikes in demand on health systems, reducing the risk of further spread of the virus and flattening the epidemiological curve.  

The solutions also provide the ability to remotely monitor, at home, health workers who have had exposure or fallen ill, as well as monitor patients that may have been discharged home early to free up hospital capacity. 

Over time Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be increasingly used to allow providers to identify patients at risk of deterioration and optimise their care. This will allow resources to be allocated to those most in need. 

Orion Health CEO Ian McCrae says the solutions are specifically targeted at reducing the inevitable burden that virus outbreaks can place on an already stretched health service. 

“The software will be offered without cost to existing Orion Health customers around the world for this crisis and we would also work with non-Orion Health customers to help in the best way we can.  

“Individuals will be able to track and monitor their symptoms in their own home and escalate to a health professional only if required and at the appropriate time.” 

As the current pandemic escalates globally, especially in those countries currently in the community outbreak phase of the disease, configuration of this technology reflects that there will be a need for more people to receive support at home. 

About Orion Health 
Orion Health is a leading global technology company that develops software to support the delivery of optimised healthcare. We provide flexible technology solutions that bring together all types of health data to support the management of individualised patient care across a health system. 

With over 25 years’ experience, Orion Health has the global healthcare experience and capabilities to help organisations realise value quickly, without compromising on the local touch required for successful delivery and support. 

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