Orion Health begins migration of patient records to Amazon Web Services

Orion Health (OHE:NZX/ASX) has today announced the company will migrate its Amadeus platform to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. Orion Health’s software currently manages over 110 million patients globally.

AWS Director of Healthcare and Life Sciences, Steve Halliwell says, “We are impressed by Orion Health’s approach to developing cloud-based, big data solutions built on modern, scalable technology. The AWS Cloud gives healthcare companies a powerful tool to enable new technologies to ingest, analyze, visualize, and store the data, while still improving security and efficiency. We look forward to collaborating with Orion Health as they use the cloud to improve healthcare delivery for every patient.”

Orion Health CEO, Ian McCrae says today Amadeus is utilised by many health systems across the world to acquire, unify and store traditional medical record data. The move to AWS now allows Amadeus to store vast volumes of new data including genomic, device, social, behavioural, environmental and other new data types.

“Health is about to experience a ‘tsunami of new information’ that will revolutionise the practice of medicine and this move to AWS positions us well to deliver the platform functionality required to store and make sense of this data. These records could eventually contain as much as six terabytes of data per patient,” Mr. McCrae says.

“By using the AWS Cloud, we can provide advanced security, data privacy, higher availability and machine learning which are all essential to securely manage and interpret the vast amounts of health information that will soon be available.”

“We believe that the complexities involved in acquiring, storing, interpreting and then presenting the medical records of the future means that it is likely that only a few vendors will have the necessary industry experience, global presence and software technology to do this. Orion Health intends to be one of these organisations,” he says.

Mr. McCrae says the patient health record is fast becoming the centre of the health information ecosystem for whole populations. “We anticipate that in five years the majority will be stored in the cloud and a vibrant ecosystem will exist, enabling a variety of apps from both Orion Health and third parties.”

“The AWS Cloud is a key part in enabling Orion Health to become the custodian of the world’s health records. Orion plans to take advantage of the new AWS Regions in the United Kingdom and Canada to launch of the Orion Health Amadeus platform in these countries, as well as U.S., Australia and New Zealand,” Mr. McCrae says.

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