People will benefit from better joined up care as the PRSB standard allows Orion and its early adopter sites to share information for care when and where it is needed.

Orion Health already achieved conformance against the ‘About Me’ standard, that helps personalise care for people.

Orion Health has been awarded the PRSB Quality Mark for conformance with the Core Information Standard – the first supplier to achieve this watershed on the journey to interoperable shared care records.

This achievement proves that information in people’s health and care records can be shared wherever and whenever it is needed for care. Professionals with access to shared care records will have critical information for care at their fingertips and people won’t have to repeat their story to each professional they encounter during their care and treatment.

The milestone was achieved through close co-operation between the two organisations, which interrogated each line of the standard to ensure Orion Health’s shared care record captured and displayed vital information to support professionals providing care.

The PRSB is now encouraging more suppliers to follow suit, to advance connectivity and to enable integrated care. A number of its existing partners are now preparing to embark on the standards conformance process, with achievement recognised by the PRSB Quality Mark.

Lorraine Foley, Chief Executive of the PRSB, said: “Orion Health’s achievement marks a genuine milestone on the journey to improve digital information sharing in health and care. We are delighted to congratulate Orion Health on becoming the first of our partners to put themselves through rigorous, independent assessment of the Core Information Standard and come out of it successfully. Both organisations have learned and gained from the process and we are applying the learning going forward.”

“The standard is fundamental to sharing people’s care records and is the cornerstone of Integrated Care Systems’ shared care records.”

“As the first organisation to successfully navigate the assessment process for this standard, Orion Health has demonstrated that standardised shared care records are entirely achievable, and I hope the dedication they have shown paves the way for more innovators to follow suit.”

Ben Wilson, Product Solution Director for Orion Health, said: “We are delighted to be the first supplier to achieve conformance against the PRSB Core Information Standard”

“The standard defines a set of validated information that can potentially be shared between systems in different sites and settings, amongst health and care professionals using the service for the purpose of direct care. To ensure information flows through the system for the benefit of patients, we need to be focusing on interoperability standards; what data is required and how should it be shared.”

“The Core Information Standard will advance these conversations. We will all be able to say: ’this is our common understanding of the information that needs to be shared in order to help drive operational efficiency and improve patient outcomes, so this is what we as an industry need to be sharing – now let’s work out the best way to do it. We fully encourage other suppliers in the industry to get an appreciation for the standard.”

“A large part of the conformance process involved an open dialogue with the PRSB team and we highly valued their guidance and clinical expertise based on real-world experience throughout the process. We have now embedded the standard into our core product development lifecycle and will use it to help inform all future product design activities. Our updated system is already available to a subset of customers, and we are excited about rolling the solution out further.”