Our latest version of Orion Health Amadeus Breast Screening, delivers several enhancements to the solution, based on end-user feedback. 

This release provides benefits to customers including:

  • Improved visibility of important clinical information at key steps of the workflow
  • Enhancements to ensure changes made to Assessment Reports are clinically reverified
  • Support for the batch invitation of clients to Breast Screening appointments according to their residential location
  • Improvements to support the process of merging client records. 

Let’s look at how these improvements benefit one of our Australian customers.

How one Australian healthcare organisation uses this for better clinical decision making 

One of our Breast Screening solution customers is a large healthcare organisation in Australia, which works across the health care system to promote better early breast cancer detection, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and care.

Not all of their Breast Screening end users are clinical users, they are also data managers who use the system to manage client data and the Breast Screening program data operationally, as well as radiographers who take the mammography images and receptionists.

Easily identify at-risk clients

A key highlight of the latest release is the added capability for an end-user to easily view a client’s current screening interval details at all times, whilst the end-user is viewing screens within the reading and assessment workflows. 

This functionality is important, as it instantly provides this key indicator for a client at the point of clinical decision making; in particular to inform the end-user in the instance where the client is recommended for a shorter screening interval and why. This could be for a number of reasons such as significant family history or previously being diagnosed as high risk from assessment. 

Making this information readily available to clinicians enables them to easily identify at-risk clients. This improves the clinical workflow and contributes to the goals of the Breast Screening program for the early detection of breast cancer. 

Ensure clinical changes to the Assessment Reports are clinically reverified

The Breast Screening clinical Assessment Report now enforces clinical reverification of the report content if changes are made to the clinical data that populates it after it was previously clinically verified. Clinical reverification is enforced before the Assessment Report can be sent to the client’s consented provider(s), ensuring that the clinical information communicated in the report is clinically accurate and verified. 

Support batch invitation of clients by their residential location

Breast Screening now provides the ability for non-clinical users, such as data managers, to batch invite clients to screening venues for a breast screening appointment according to their current residential location.

Efficiently merge client records

The Breast Screening Client Merge functionality has been enhanced to provide improved visibility of client data to assist users in identifying client records that require to be merged more effectively. This simplifies this process for non-clinical users, such as data managers, who perform many client merges in the system as part of their operational management of the Breast Screening program.

How Orion Health works on your product updates

When it comes to product and solution updates, Orion Health product teams work closely with our customers and take into account the various clinical and non-clinical end users who interact with our solutions. We are mindful that each end-user has unique requirements and take that into consideration when working on our updates, so we can make the lives of our customers easier and more efficient.

Our product teams have a strong clinical influence, as we work collaboratively with internal clinical advisors along with our customers needs and requirements. 

For existing customers, more details on Breast Screening 7.5 are outlined in the DOKI.

If you are interested in our Breast Screening solution or need more information, check out our solution page or feel free to contact our experts.