Next week, all those passionate about the latest and greatest advancements in technology will come together for New Zealand’s annual festival of innovation, Techweek 19.

With the recurring theme of ‘innovation that’s good for the world’ we’re excited to share why we do what we do at Orion Health. Technology is everywhere, advancing rapidly across all sectors, helping to solve many problems around the world. Yet, in the health industry, it has been a universal challenge to see technology used to its full potential. Collaborations between clinicians and health technology providers are starting to improve the lives of patients, helping clinicians make better decisions, and creating ways for healthcare organisations to be more efficient. With crucial technology such as electronic health records and connecting existing IT systems, healthcare technology is helping to integrate the myriad of daily activities of healthcare professionals and organisations.

Ian McCrae, Founder and CEO of Orion Health said, “The last decade has been focused on the acquisition of large amounts of health data. The next decade will see us connect and make meaningful use of that data, revealing valuable insights about people and our New Zealand communities, saving precious health dollars and enabling truly personalised care.” 

Last year, Techweek saw 540 events running in 24 locations around the country, showcasing a plethora of new breakthroughs in technology across multiple industries and organisations.

Here are our top picks for this year’s events: 

Introduction to AWS Cloud
Wellington | Monday 20 May | 9am – 5pm 

The arrival of cloud technology is helping healthcare organisations take a practical step toward utilising their health data to solve the big issues in healthcare today. Orion Health was recently recognised as an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, having migrating a number of our key customers to the cloud. 

“Utilising AWS’ services enables Orion Health to help healthcare organisations deliver fast, secure data across health systems, ingest and move multiple data sources to the cloud, exponentially increase software quality and speed up development times, all while securing that data to meet compliance, privacy and regulatory requirements,” said Jason Careless, CTO U.S. and CISO, Orion Health. 

At Techweek, AWS is hosting a workshop which will provide an overview of AWS’ cloud offerings, including crucial concepts such as security and privacy in the cloud.

Techweek TV: The role of technology in the future of health
Nationwide Webcast | Wednesday 22 May | 9:30am – 10:25am

Don’t miss Belinda Allen, Orion Health Client and Partnership Director speaking on a Techweek TV webcast panel about current trends we are seeing in the health tech space. As new advancements in technology in other industries start to impact health, how do we ensure we are responding to these trends with the whole health system in mind, while meeting the changing expectations of patients and clinicians?

Emerging Tech in Health Symposium
Christchurch | Tuesday 21 – Wednesday 22 May | 9am – 5pm

This year, Emerging Tech in Health will cover two streams in two days, the first will focus on Better health care through data analytics and the second on Exploring the digital future of clinical practice. Dr Kevin Ross, Research Director at Orion Health and CEO of Precision Driven Health will be speaking to an audience of clinicians, healthcare providers, policy-makers, funders and health tech professionals about analytics and artificial intelligence in health. Dr Ross’ presentation, ‘Why haven’t the robots replaced us yet?’ is on at 2.45pm on Tuesday 21 May. 

Impact of Technology on Health Care Today
Christchurch | Monday 20 May | 5:30pm – 7:30pm

Stella Ward, Chief Technology Officer at Canterbury DHB is speaking at this event on ‘Digital Transformation – Our Journey So Far’. The Canterbury vision is of an integrated health system that keeps people healthy and well in their own homes, providing the right care and support, to the right person, at the right time and in the right place.

Orion Health and Canterbury DHB have worked together since 2007, in a long-term strategic partnership, to achieve a connected health system. To learn more about some of the solutions we’ve implemented together with CDHB and the South Island Alliance of DHBs, click below.