Enabling Smarter Hospitals

Auckland, New Zealand – Orion Health™ (OHE:NZX/ASX) a global eHealth software company delivering interoperable solutions for hospitals and healthcare facilities worldwide, today announced the release of Orion Health Enterprise version 17.2.

Enterprise is a complete hospital solution that provides end-to-end management of hospitals, ranging from efficient patient administration, back office management, surgical management, laboratory and radiology, pharmacy and clinical aspects of a hospital system. 

This latest version of Enterprise delivers several customer-focused innovations to help users work smarter. Enterprise 17.2 provides a comprehensive set of tools to support the end-to-end care of patients in the hospital, these include: 

  • Efficient Emergency Care Management: A competitive and efficient workflow for emergency care management that reduces the training effort and is consistent with inpatient and outpatient
  • Enhanced Capacity Management: Now the hospital sites are enabled to define scheduling constraints that help them meet their contracted volumes, while reserving the flexibility to schedule outside of those constraints where the situation demands it
  • Better Patient Visit Location Capability: With enhanced visit location capability, visits can now be tracked in waiting rooms, temporary beds or other areas other than inpatient department (IPD) beds. This feature would see more enhancements in the future Enterprise releases to include support for pharmacy ordering and administrations at visit locations
  • More Organised Medical Records: Medical record management is now multi-facility capable, including security constraints. Activities can now be easily tracked across multiple medical record departments within a facility or across different facilities
  • Effective Hospital Fiscal: Fiscal control is important for any business, and the hospital industry is no exception. This feature enables hospitals to have better control and reporting over payments made, and invoices that need to be voided. Like never before, accountants are now able to manage an invoice that requires voiding even if that is part of a multi-invoice remittance. Charges can now be reprocessed in these cases, increasing the accuracy of revenue

Shrikant Shrivastava, Product Director, Enterprise says “We remain committed to delighting our customers in their journey to provide enhanced patient care and efficient hospital operations. The Orion Health Enterprise 17.2 release provides a diverse set of features that takes us one step further in our effort to enable Smarter Hospitals, and I look forward to seeing it in action at our customer sites.”