Saint Francis Healthcare Partners Plans to Implement Orion Health’s Amadeus Precision Medicine Platform


Connect with Danyal Ibrahim, chief data analytics officer at St. Francis, at the Big Data Analytics Healthcare Summit in Philadelphia, May 15-16.

Saint Francis Healthcare Partners is a physician hospital organization and accountable care organization for Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center in Hartford, Connecticut. Orion Health is a healthcare technology company headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand. The company initially unveiled its Amadeus platform in 2015.

SFHCP will use the Amadeus platform to better capture and align various patients’ information from payers and providers.

SFHCP’s Chief Medical Informatics and Quality Officer Dr. Sudeep Bansal said the selection process for Amadeus included a focus on integration. “When we were looking at the different platforms, what we found was many vendors had different pieces of software that didn’t talk to each other,” he said in a phone interview with MedCity. But Orion Health’s Amadeus platform did, he said.

Though SFHCP has many separate sectors, the Amadeus platform integrates them all. “The reason why Orion is so great is even though we have eight different payers and 20 different EMRs, the system is capable of taking all this information and helping us make sense of it,” Dr. Bansal said. “We can put all these different types of data in a single system and use it.”

Suzanne Cogan, vice president of Orion Health, added that the Amadeus platform’s real-time capabilities also come into play. “For clinicians and their workflow, any insights they gain from analyzing the integrated data can be delivered to clinicians in essentially real time as opposed to retroactively,” Cogan said in a phone interview. “[The Amadeus platform] enables a lot of data to be ingested very rapidly and be analyzed in real time.”

SFHCP has also purchased two optional add-ons to supplement the Amadeus platform: Coordinate, which helps care coordinators manage their workflow, and Analytics, which analyzes the data.

SFHCP and Orion Health made the joint selection announcement more than two months ago, at the beginning of February. Dr. Bansal said SFHCP is in the early stages of implementing Amadeus, but the go-live date is yet to be determined, primarily because SFHCP is still working on collecting data from payers. “We’re still going to payers and asking them to send data to Orion,” he said. “Then we can go in and start using the product.”

Cogan agreed, noting that acquiring the masses of data comes before performing analytics on the information. “The more data and the better the data, the more precise your analytics will be,” she said.

Still, Dr. Bansal said SFHCP is looking ahead at an official go-live date. “Our goal is to start using the product toward the end of this year,” he said.

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Connect with Danyal Ibrahim, chief data analytics officer at St. Francis, at the Big Data Analytics Healthcare Summit in Philadelphia, May 15-16.