Orion Health prides itself on partnering with organisations and customers worldwide, involved in transforming the digital space in healthcare.

One of our valued customers Connecting Care, based in Bristol, is breaking down barriers in healthcare with their Connecting Care Programme.

This award-winning programme is dedicated to using digital solutions to improve information sharing across health and care organisations in the UK to have one Shared Care Record.

Why do we need a shared care record?

Over one million people live in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire (BNSSG). In BNSSG, health and social care are provided by three local authorities, one Clinical Commissioning Group, three acute trusts, 85 GP practices, three community partnerships, a mental health trust, South Western Ambulance Service plus other commissioned organisations.

The Connecting Care Partnership is a shared care record spanning Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire that supports 24 health and care organisations.

Having a shared care record enables these organisations to manage care better, allowing information to be shared quickly and safely. Only authorised staff providing health services across Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset can access patient records.

Health and care staff can see patient demographics, medications, diagnoses, prescriptions, warnings and alerts that help speed up decision-making and prevent unnecessary hospital admissions.

How the Orion Health Open Platform Technology helped this partnership?

Orion Health was tasked to implement an integrated digital care record through its Open Platform Technology.

This Open Platform Technology enables clinicians and other health and care professionals to access patient records from multiple systems and organisations in a single integrated digital care record. X

All clinicians and caregivers across BNSSG can access a holistic view of patient information.

The platform technology reduces the need for patients to repeat themselves, tests to be duplicated and time wasted searching for information.

Connecting Care today

Jocelyn Palmer was our Orion sponsored guest speaker at the recent HiNZ conference in Hamilton. New Zealand’s largest digital health event this year.

Watch Jocelyn’s eHealth interview on how the shared care record on the Orion Health platform, Amadeus has evolved to become one of the most advanced shared care and personal health records in the UK.