“Because of the embedded support, our services, our support, and our implementation are proactive.”

Imagine attempting a large-scale project implementation without proactive service. The result would be far from a recipe for success.

As a global company with 20 offices in 13 countries, we understand the importance of a local-team approach to implementation and the subsequent, on-going service that produces a positive customer experience.

Our projects are primarily staffed by in-region resources – our project managers and implementation consultants – who continue their relationship with our customers long after the project is complete. We often embed resources on site with our customers, which contributes to the feeling of a partnership. For the period of the implementation – and often beyond – our people are present, directly engaged and an integral part of the customer’s project team.

We also never compromise on service. Regardless of the size of the project, each of our customers receives the same attention, focus and quality and, as a result, we have earned their trust.

Service has to be proactive to earn that trust, too. Little things like providing plenty of notice before doing an update, or highlighting potential problems or pitfalls before customers even notice them – this is what proactive service looks like.

Our Senior Vice President of North America Services, Matthew Maennling, says our recent KLAS* score is a valuable indicator of client satisfaction with our project delivery.

“We have found that our clients are quite receptive to our agile approach to managing projects, during which we provide demonstrations and solicit input from our clients every two weeks to ensure we are meeting their expectations.”

Matthew Maennling, Senior Vice President of North America Services

But you shouldn’t just take our word for it. As part of the 2020 Best in KLAS for Interoperability Platforms, our customers have provided some comment on the success of our implementations, and what they put this down to.

We’re proud to share their comments with you:

“I would rate the implementation with Orion high, with the caveat that we have a dedicated embedded team with them. We consistently have the same people working on our things.”

  • Director, December 2019

“I would rate our support from Orion very high, but we have embedded support. Because of the embedded support, our services, our support, and our implementation are proactive.”

  • Director, December 2019

“In regard to the service being proactive, we have weekly meetings with our project people and with many of the technical folks who help us. So it is easy for them to stay on top of our concerns and issues. We talk about open support tickets and so forth.”

  • Director, March 2020

“The phone and web support are very good. We use a support tracking software where we log tickets and upload information. We exchange information quickly by using direct and secure messaging. That is nice for when we share screenshots and things that have sensitive information in them, like patient medical record numbers. The vendor is very responsive to the tickets.”

  • Director, March 2020

Keen to understand more about our approach to implementations?

* The Best in KLAS ranking is a recognition given to US healthcare IT vendors to help healthcare professionals deliver better patient care. Read the full report.

2020 Best in KLAS report