We are very proud to announce that Orion Health achieved an overall score of 87.3 in the Best in KLAS 2020 rankings for Interoperability Platforms.

KLAS Research, the healthcare IT and insights company, released their Best in KLAS 2020 Software/Services report in February 2020. Orion Health jumped to 87.3, which represents the largest increase in score the company has made in three years. The average score for interoperability platforms across the industry was 79.7, so Orion Health is well above average.

The Best in KLAS ranking is a recognition given to US healthcare IT vendors to help healthcare professionals deliver better patient care. The KLAS Research model assesses a range of modalities, including inpatient clinical care, ambulatory and post-acute care, value-based care, security and privacy, and services and consulting, among others.

In their report KLAS Research attributes Orion Health’s high score to three key elements:

  1. Relationships
  2. Implementations
  3. Proactive Service


The reorganisation of our business in the last two years was designed to place greater focus on the relationships we have with customers. Establishing an account management structure allows for greater understanding of customer needs and has brought the product teams much closer to the providers. We think of our work with customers as a partnership, and this is reflected in the feedback identified in the Best in KLAS score.

What our customers say:

 “Orion Health has an excellent customer relations team. There are a couple of members that are truly outstanding and phenomenal. They are embedded within our team. They make sure that Orion Health’s leaders are aware of our concerns. The executives from Orion Health are very attentive to our needs. There is absolutely a partnership.”

  • CIO, December 2019

“Orion Health is outstanding in terms of interoperability and how they work with us. The things they do prove that they are a key partner.”

  • CIO, December 2019

“The support team we have right now with Orion rocks. We would not be where we are now without that team and its members’ dedication to us. They are part of our team. Once they own something, they tend to work harder at it rather than treat it like a number.”

  • Director, December 2019 


We believe the level of satisfaction with our implementations is high because we have returned to a local team approach.

Projects are primarily staffed by in-region resources, such as project managers and implementation consultants, who continue their relationship with the client after the project is complete.

Furthermore, we operate in a fair and equal way. We treat all of our contracts equally – a smaller client receives the same attention, focus and quality as one of our larger clients.

Our Senior Vice President of North America Services, Matthew Maennling, says the KLAS score is a valuable indicator of client satisfaction with our project delivery.

“We have found that our clients are quite receptive to our agile approach to managing projects, during which we provide demonstrations and solicit input from our clients every two weeks to ensure we are meeting their expectations,” says Matthew.

What our customers say: 

“I would rate the implementation with Orion high, with the caveat that we have a dedicated embedded team with them. We consistently have the same people working on our things.”

  • Director, December 2019 

I would rate our support from Orion very high, but we have embedded support. Because of the embedded support, our services, our support, and our implementation are proactive.”

  • Director, December 2019

 Proactive Service

We have earned the trust of our customers through the service, support and subject matter expertise we provide them.

We have field teams and often deploy our people to our customers’ sites. The strength of our proactive service comes down to our embedded resources, who help our clients to navigate our company and advocate for technical and clinical changes.

For our customers, proactive service looks like this:

  • We keep our promises, and do so in a timely manner
  • We give customers enough notice before doing an update
  • We bring potential problems to our customers’ attention before they are aware of it
  • Our account managers are present, useful and engaged
  • We manage our customers’ expectations effectively
  • We don’t leave their success to chance

What our customers say:

“In regard to the service being proactive, we have weekly meetings with our project people and with many of the technical folks who help us. So it is easy for them to stay on top of our concerns and issues. We talk about open support tickets and so forth.”

  • Director, March 2020

“The phone and web support are very good. We use a support tracking software where we log tickets and upload information. We exchange information quickly by using direct and secure messaging. That is nice for when we share screenshots and things that have sensitive information in them, like patient medical record numbers. The vendor is very responsive to the tickets.”

  • Director, March 2020

Global reach; local touch

We’re a global company and, as such, we know that what works well for one market does not necessarily work as well for another. 

With 20 offices across 13 countries, we’re able to bring together valuable insights and best practices from around the globe in order to find innovative solutions to US challenges.

Call it global reach with a local touch – our local teams leverage global learnings to accommodate for these market nuances, in particular those that make the US market so different from the rest of the world.

For example, our local boots on the ground know how to work within their unique legislative and jurisdictional frameworks, while our global teams mean that we are able to provide 24/7 support to customers.  

If you’d like to understand more about how we provide proactive service and deliver successful implementations, please do get in touch with us.  

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