Auckland, April 2019 – Orion Health™ a global eHealth software company delivering interoperable solutions for hospitals and healthcare facilities worldwide, today announced the release of Orion Health Enterprise version 19.1.

Enterprise is a complete hospital solution that provides end-to-end management of hospitals, from efficient patient administration and back office management, to clinical record, surgical, laboratory and radiology management.

This latest version of Enterprise delivers several customer-focused innovations that help users to work smarter, these include:

  • Enhanced clinician experience: Significant improvements have been made to the clinicals module of our software to provide a seamless experience for the clinicians using it. This includes a modernised web interface for quick access to time sensitive and accurate clinical information from a variety of devices (including hand-held). The user interface has also been enhanced with streamlined clinical workflows that can be configured to better align with various specialty workflows.
  • Enhanced patient administration validation framework: A scriptable validation framework has been implemented which allows customers to create custom validation rules for the patient administration entities such as admissions, outpatient visits, appointments, referrals, and waiting list entries.
  • Integration with e-Referral and triage applications: The ability to interface with third party ERMS Solutions has been delivered in this release, enabling the delivery of a seamless workflow.
  • Improved medical records folder tracking: Several enhancements have been made to the Medical Records Folder Tracking workflows to enable a greater degree of customisation.
  • Ward management improvements: The Ward Management screen has been enhanced in this release to provide a host of filters, indicators and other configuration options.
  • Enhanced waitlist entry and workbench: The Waiting List Entry and Waiting List Workbench have seen several improvements driven by user feedback.
  • Better handling of tax exemption and discounts in patient transactions: This release saw several improvements in the areas related to taxation and discounts for patient related activities e.g. configuration of tax exemption policies and ability to apply multiple discounts etc.
  • Platform level enhancements: There are several improvements made to the underlying technical stack especially in the areas of security policy administration and database administration. These improvements ensure better management of our software and easy troubleshooting of issues on the fly.

Shrikant Shrivastava, Product Director, Enterprise says “We are excited to deliver patient-centric features in Orion Health Enterprise 19.1 that will help hospitals cater to their specific requirements in different parts of the world. I am particularly thrilled to have initiated modernisation of clinicals module in our software which is strategic to the growth of our Enterprise product.”

Enterprise 19.1 is available to customers now.

About Orion Health

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