Introducing Amadeus Intelligence

Amadeus Intelligence brings the power of Machine Learning to your data, giving you the power to predict outcomes more accurately than ever before.

Orion Health is leading ground-breaking research in machine learning, exploring meaningful ways to minimise waste, reduce operating costs and help clinicians make more accurate decisions at the point of care. Significant amounts of data exist that will support better decision making, drawing on information from entire populations to treat and manage a person’s health. The healthcare sector is being transformed by the ability to record massive amounts of information about patients and their environments. Machine learning provides a new way to find patterns and reason about data, which enables healthcare professionals to move closer to personalised medicine.

There are many possibilities for how machine learning can be used in healthcare, and all of them depend on having sufficient data and permission to use it. If you'd like to talk to us about how Amadeus Intelligence can help you, contact an expert using the link above or below.

Benefits of Amadeus Intelligence


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