Orion Health Enterprise is a comprehensive, fully integrated hospital solution that connects patient, clinical, departmental and financial departments. Designed with the end user in mind, with pre-configured best practice workflows, Enterprise allows health professionals to see the information they need in order to make the best clinical and business decisions, all from one system.

Implemented using a rapid approach the solution can be delivered as an end-to-end hospital information system, or as individual modules, helping hospitals and health systems to realise value quickly.

Designed using our global and local healthcare experience, Enterprise supports hospitals on their journey towards accreditations such as JCI by ensuring that the correct health and business information is available across the organisation and that quality healthcare is delivered.

Clinical record

At the heart of the solution is Enterprise Clinicals - the electronic medical record (EMR). This suite of modules enables the consolidation, creation and management of clinical information across an organisation, giving a single view of up-to-date, patient-centric information. Enterprise clinicals provides the necessary tools for health professionals to complete all procedures and tasks associated with each and every patient visit, and can be accessed from any device across the organisation.

Patient administration

Enterprise Administration delivers a highly customisable patient administration system (PAS) that allows facilities to deliver optimum workflows for their unique patient management context. Administrate is designed with the user experience in mind, with information for all patients being collected once - significantly reducing the duplication of effort. It facilitates ongoing process improvements, the reduction of waiting times (by means of more efficient workflows) and a streamlined patient experience.

Departmental management

Manage the flow of information and scheduling of resources across wards, outpatient, emergency and surgical departments with Enterprise. Information can be quickly created, viewed and managed for all members involved in patient care, ensuring optimal use of resources.

With a full Laboratory Information System, Radiology Information system and Pharmacy and Medications system, our solution gives you the ability to manage every aspect of the hospital.

Back Office

Enterprise delivers a highly flexible back office solution for processing payments, patient billing, physician reimbursement and more. A core part of the Hospital Information System, information is captured as it is generated, giving continuous insight into the hospitals financial status and allowing management to make more informed decisions.

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