Enabling an accurate, comprehensive view of a patient’s medication history record to support effective and safe care delivery across the care-continuum.


An integrated community-wide platform for a complete patient-centric view of medications that can be trusted and shared across an entire health ecosystem.

Medication errors and patient medication non-adherence are some of the challenges that health systems need to address to achieve quality healthcare outcomes and lower healthcare costs. But measuring medication adherence is difficult and burdensome. Clinicians are time-poor, and traditional methods such as patient interviews, questionnaires and pill counts are all time-consuming, expensive, and impractical.

From the patient’s perspective there are many reasons they can become non-adherent to their medication regimen, this is common especially at transition points, when patients move from hospital to community.

Orion Health’s Medicines platform simplifies the task for both the care team and the patient -of understanding what medications the patient is taking, what medications they should take going forward and sharing that information across the care team.   

A complete unified view of patient’s medications data is produced by aggregating from multiple sources, including physician prescriptions, community pharmacy dispensaries, and hospital discharge summaries. Normalisation and smart algorithms enrich the data to present meaningful information so that all clinicians in the patient’s circle of care can quickly make sense of the patient’s medication history.

Benefits of Medicines

Key Features

Real-time info.png

Accessible, real-time reconciled medication list

Orion Health Medicines allows you to support the curation of a reconciled, point-in-time medication list to track changes in a patient's therapy over time across multiple care settings. 

Intuitive timeline of recent activity and prescriptions

View third-party and Orion Health-sourced medication information via an intuitive timeline user-interface and view recent activity and prescription fill coverage to monitor adherence.

Consolidated view.png

Consolidated view of medications

Aggregate third-party prescription orders, dispensing, administration history and medication statements and immunisations via real-time interfaces to provide a single source of truth for medications and immunisations. Algorithms infer the current medication list based on aggregated data from multiple sources. 

Optional Add-Ons to Medicines

Problems and Allergies

  • One list of problems for the patient
  • Flexible encoding and advanced interoperability
  • Reconciliation and consolidation
  • Improved communication among the multidisciplinary care team

Medication Management

  • Reduces medication errors and duplicate effort with improved patient safety
  • Track changes in medication therapy at care transfers
  • Promotes medication adherence and patient engagement

Medicines Viewer

  • Single source of truth for medications
  • Improved medication safety
  • Promotes medication adherence

Medicines Decision Support 

  • Reduced medication errors
  • Improved medication safety

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