Arguably the biggest challenge facing healthcare is the continually rising frustrations from consumers around the way they access and interact with the health system. These expectations are based on the way consumers use digital services like online banking. To address this, healthcare needs an equivalent.

Is a Digital front door (DFD) the answer? 

This blog series looks at how a DFD can change the way consumers engage with their healthcare, and explores use cases of a single mother engaging with the difficulties of our current health system.

1. Is technology the answer to consumers’ healthcare experience?

2. How can a digital front door change the way consumers access and interact with health systems?

3. Making the most of a healthcare digital front door investment

  1. Taking a consumer-centred view of our healthcare systems 
    In this blog, we introduce Rachel, a single mother who must navigate the fragmented health systems to care for her family. How can we help Rachel support her family’s health needs?

  2. Redefining the healthcare experience with a digital front door
    Rachel needs a health system that works for her. How could a digital front door revolutionise her healthcare experience?

  3. Reducing caregiver burnout by simplifying healthcare interactions
    Rachel’s busy life and complicated interactions with the ‘current’ healthcare systems left her on the brink of suffering from caregiver burnout. How can we help alleviate her frustrations?