In our previous blog we introduced you to Rachel, a single mother with a busy work schedule trying to care for her and her family’s health needs. Rachel’s situation demonstrates many of the challenges we are now facing when trying to manage our health and wellbeing when trying to interact with the ‘current’ healthcare system.

Rachel needs a health system that works for her. Luckily, having access to a digital front door has changed the way Rachels needs are provided for and how she receives the value. We all want to improve our own journey and to radically improve our experiences, and that of the patients we treat. Let’s take a look at the how and why. 

Finally, a way to significantly improve Rachel’s healthcare experience

Having access to a digital front door has helped Rachel manage her own needs but more importantly manage her family’s health and wellbeing more easily and efficiently. Using the digital front door, Rachel can manage every step of each of the journeys – all interactions with information, with the providers – from a single digital location, such as her mobile phone, meaning she can interact with these services at a time and place convenient to her. 

The digital front door provides Rachel with relevant information, resources and options she didn’t know were available, for example, transport services to take her mother to and from different appointments so that Rachel no longer needed to take time off from work. Rachel has more choices to where she can attend certain appointments – most importantly knowing which virtual sessions are available meaning trips to the doctor no longer involve getting both children ready and in the car to drive across town, and no more time wasted sitting in waiting rooms trying to entertain them both. 

Because a digital front door brings all of Rachel’s family’s health interactions and health information into a single hub, access is easy – login using one password – instantly viewing all of their activities; upcoming appointments, a list of medications, and even set reminders that will come straight to her phone to inform her ‘it’s time’ to book the next appointment or request a repeat prescription.  

Having access to a digital front door as a first point of contact with the health system makes Rachel’s day-to-day interactions far more streamlined and simplified. Having trusted information and resources at her fingertips gives Rachel the confidence she needs to effectively care for herself and her family.

Orion Health’s Virtuoso Digital Front Door redefines the healthcare experience for consumers 

Our Digital Front Door is a comprehensive consumer engagement solution that provides digital tools for people to interact with health and care organisations. It is a secure, open and scalable platform that enables organisations to bring new and existing patient engagement technologies together into a unified, user-friendly hub.

Best regarded as a strategic platform wrapping around all consumer-facing initiatives, a digital front door addresses fragmented consumer experience as a result of silos by providing a single hub through which all interactions can occur including symptom assessment, electronic referrals, patient access to complete medical records, virtual care and remote monitoring.

Read more about Digital health’s next big transformation: The shift to healthcare, anywhere in our whitepaper.

Stay tuned for the next blog where we will take you on an example of a healthcare journey with Rachel and her family, detailing how the digital front door can alleviate caregiver burnout.