Design healthcare pathways to prevent and manage chronic conditions, allowing the care team to improve population health outcomes 


Orion Health Coordinate is a comprehensive population health product built on top of Orion Health Amadeus. Through seamless integration with Care Pathways, Problem List, and Medicines, Coordinate enables complex clinical pathways, care planning, medication management, and patient engagement. 

Benefits of Coordinate

Key Features


Patients, semantically grouped by common characteristics, can be presented and added to a list using Collaborative Worklist that then can be shared by one or more users. Some of the pre-defined lists: 

  • Unconfirmed Patients (by pathway) 
  • My Patients – Not Enrolled (by pathway) 
  • My Patients – Enrolled (by pathway) 
  • Recent Patients 
Coordinate_Circle of Care_mockup.png

Circle of Care

Circle of Care represents the full spectrum of participants involved in a patient’s care. Participants are curated and organised according to the following categories: 

  • Friends and Family 
  • Care Team 
  • Organisations 

Care Plan

A care plan consists of a range of information about a patients needs: 

  • Goals and corresponding observations are used to identify the measurable targets to achieve and track progress. 
  • Actions provide the patient with the “how” they will achieve the associated goal. 


A key element of Care Coordination and management is ensuring that the patients are adhering to medication plans and not suffering from any medicine contraindications. Updating the medications list can be configured in two ways: 

  • Not shared back into the medical record. 
  • Shared back into the medical record and highlighted as ‘unverified changes’. 

Problem List

The use of Problem List in Coordinate supports the documentation of problems at three levels: 

  • Alerts, such as Barriers to Care, Legal, Administrative 
  • Adverse Reactions, such as drug, environment and food 
  • Diagnoses, such as nursing and medical 

Optional Add-Ons to Coordinate

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