Waits, delays and cancellations are common in healthcare. So most people – patients and clinicians – assume that waiting is inevitable. Adding more beds, building more hospitals, hiring more staff are all seen as ways to improve this. But this approach doesn’t address the real inefficiencies in the health system or how to best support a patient’s journey through the system. 

New and innovative technology that seamlessly connects information across systems and departments can potentially yield efficiency savings for a health system, both in terms of operations and delivering better outcomes and services to the patient. Most importantly not wasting the patient’s time.

Through a fully integrated set of tools that ensure the smooth management of patient flow within the hospital environment and out into the community, a patients’ journey can be optimised. From arrival, through to assessment, admission, care and discharge, automation of key processes and improved clinical efficiency results in better utilisation of hospital capacity and ensures patients’ time within the system is worthwhile. Ultimately, this leads to better patient satisfaction and outcomes.

The right hospital information system can help organisations to achieve just this. Orion Health Hospitals Solution is a fully integrated hospital information system that connects patient, clinical, departmental and financial departments. Focusing on optimising the patient’s time in the health system, Enterprise has been built with pre-configured templates and workflows that save time and reduce duplications. Information can be entered once, then viewed across wards, departments and role types which allows for the sharing of accurate, timely clinical information and efficient scheduling of resources.

In the most recent release, a number of patient-centric features have been incorporated to help hospitals improve efficiencies and deliver a better experience to the patient.

With a modern web interface that can be accessed from any device, in any location, Enterprise 19.1 allows clinicians to access time sensitive and accurate clinical information as they need it. This leads to patients receiving more accurate and personalised care, spending more time face-to-face with clinicians.

Enterprise has tight integration capability with other vendor solutions, such as e-referral and triage, ensuring there is a seamless workflow for staff, and that patients can be booked in relevant departments quickly. Improved ward management functionality also allows beds to be filtered by occupancy status, giving staff clear visibility of whether resources are being used efficiently.

Through the use of a modern, integrated hospital information system, organisations can speed up the time it takes to deliver quality patient care. Reducing delays, improving flow and putting the patient first in their journey through the health system.

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