As we approach the end of the year, here’s a recap on topics our audience loved reading the most. Introducing our top most popular blogs for 2021. 

Leading the way is HL7 and our FHIR series – there will be more on this topic next year. Clinician burnout has been a major issue this year, especially with the pandemic, so easing that burden was top of mind with our customers.

Lastly, we have our Digital Front Door, which is now the future of healthcare, and the importance of social determinants of health.

  1. What is HL7 and why does healthcare need it?

Health Level Seven (HL7) is a set of international standards used to provide guidance with transferring and sharing data between various healthcare providers. In this blog, we explain the origins of HL7 and the benefits they provide by empowering health interoperability. From maximising value from EHRs to reducing duplication of work and enhancing clinical efficiency. 

2. What is FHIR and how does it influence the nature of healthcare delivery?

FHIR has quickly become one of the most popular new standards in healthcare today. It holds great promise for the development of smart applications that deliver value-added health information exchange.In this blog, we break down why FHIR is important and how it influences healthcare delivery.

3. How to ease clinician cognitive overload

Clinicians are now inundated with more volumes and types of data than ever before and there’s an urgent need to organise and present the data for efficient processing by the clinician.So is there a way we can help reduce the cognitive load on our healthcare workers?

4. Making the most of a healthcare digital front door investment

Studies have shown that patients who have access to and engage with patient engagement technologies see measurable improvements in the management and outcomes of their chronic conditions. But how can organisations approach implementing a digital front door to make the most of the investment?

5. The importance of social determinants of health

The structure of our current healthcare delivery system impacts health during episodes of injury or illness, while social determinants interact with health much earlier and on a day-to-day basis. This blog looks at a high-level view of social determinants and their role in preventative health.