The Connecting Care Programme is one of the most advanced shared care records in the UK, with health and social care information now shared between 23 organisations plus 85 GP surgeries. First going live in 2013, the past six years have seen a huge amount of innovation in information sharing and Connecting Care has become a real trailblazer in areas such as interoperability, partnership working and developing a rich source of citizen information.

Connecting Care – Different Perspectives

This benefits brochure document tells you about some of the stories behind Connecting Care. These stories describe how Connecting Care is making care better, safer, more joined-up and more efficient. The quotes we’ve shared come from some of the many people who are using Connecting Care.

This edition includes:

  • out of hours services
  • hospital pharmacy
  • social care
  • safeguarding teams
  • general practice
  • community services
  • A&E
  • pre-operative assessment teams
  • mental health

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