Orion Health’s Amadeus Clinical Portal and Amadeus Coordinate solutions together with NextGate’s #1 KLAS-rated Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) help deliver joined-up care across both health and social care settings to improve the patient journey, increase safety and efficiency and reduce hospital admissions

The Customer

NHS Camden Clinical Commissioning Group (NHS Camden CCG) was formally created in 2013 to commission the delivery of healthcare in Camden, London. They are clinically led, with the 35 GP practices in Camden making up their membership and working alongside them to make decisions about how best to deliver health and care services across the borough.

The Challenge

The Care Integrated Digital Record (CIDR) project came about to coordinate a complex health system in Camden which was delivering very mixed outcomes. Like many NHS commissioners, NHS Camden CCG faced the challenge of patient information existing in a number of disparate systems across GP records, hospital records, clinical documents, community health records, mental health records, social care records and end of life care records, with no single view available. They developed a business case with providers for a single integrated digital care record system to help caregivers deliver the best outcomes for patients.

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