Global leader in population health, Orion Health, has expanded its innovation partnership with Cancer Institute NSW accelerating improvements to digital breast screening systems.

With around 1 in 7 women in Australia likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, regular screening to detect potential cancers early, supported with latest digital tools are vital to the success of a population-based breast cancer screening program.

Orion Health’s fully integrated BreastScreen Information System (BIS) supports digital mammography-based breast screening, enabling the early detection of breast cancer with the latest upgrades increasing functionality and performance.

It starts with client enrolment, moving to the identification and management of at-risk populations and provides a streamlined clinical workflow, that enables multiple services to work through one shared database whilst supporting the BreastScreen Australia program’s accreditation standards. Beyond NSW, the system is also leveraged across the ACT and Tasmania which together represents approximately 35% of the Australian breast screening population.

Orion Health APAC Vice President, Niru Rajakumar, said “upgrading effective digital solutions like the BIS assists BreastScreen programs to recover from the impacts of the COVID pandemic by introducing functionality that improves client experience and encourages participation in the program.

“Orion Health’s system can help detect precancerous abnormalities and early-stage cancers before noticeable symptoms occur. This enables our partners at Cancer Institute NSW, ACT Health and Tasmania to address issues early when there is the best chance of successful treatment and survival. We are also currently exploring how machine reading plays a role within BIS and looking to expand the solution to cover other cancer screening services such as lung cancer,” said Rajakumar

Cancer Institute NSW works with Orion Health as a strategic partner for BIS, which has seen the organisation increasingly move to a paperless workflow and is now adding a Digital Front Door to improve the client experience and participation.

Sarah McGill, Deputy CEO and Director of Cancer Screening and Prevention at the Cancer Institute NSW said “Orion Health has shifted from a technology focus to improving the human experience. We have found their ongoing product development strongly prioritises the needs of users – both clinicians and clients. Our clinical workforce is highly engaged and working collaboratively with Orion Health to co-design the next generation of breast cancer screening solutions.”

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