Orion Health is focused on delivering the tools to support implementers with their interoperability challenges.

There is a huge increase in the amount and sources of data available in the world of healthcare. This puts huge demands on health information integration professionals, and Orion Health is committed to ensuring they have the tools to enable their organizations to have robust access to accurate and comprehensive data.

To truly build a healthcare system that can evolve at the rapid pace of technology and science, organisations must tackle interoperability head on. Many factors are driving change and the need for healthcare organisations to share information: consumers are demanding access to their own health information; burgeoning health costs are driving incentives to integrate care across different healthcare organizations; and technological advancements in web and mobile applications are opening up opportunities.

Open APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) have been embraced by many industries as the way to provide easy access to data and capabilities. They open the way for collaboration between healthcare organizations and players from outside of healthcare to develop innovative applications to serve any and every healthcare niche.

Orion Health’s Open APIs have a number of benefits, meeting industry standards and enabling new new applications to be built on top of the Orion Health Amadeus platform. Visit our API page for more information.

Our Orion Health APIs give developers access to the services and data that power our products so they can build the next generation of healthcare applications. For more information about building innovative applications for different healthcare scenarios visit the Orion Health Developer website.

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