Healthcare globally is in the throes of radical transformation. Costs are increasing, driven by the burden of managing chronically ill patients; an aging population; lack of effective care coordination; and advances in medical science providing revolutionary (yet costly) procedures and therapies.

Governments and other healthcare funders face challenges in delivering a better patient experience, to achieve better patient outcomes, while reducing costs and engaging individuals to manage their own health. New innovative thinking and tools are needed to help them deliver better care while balancing the health demands of the population.

Private Health Insurers need to manage their risk in this changing environment - identifying members who are chronically ill or in danger of developing a chronic condition that will most likely be very costly for the insurer. Engaging members in their own wellness and healthcare, from early on, is a powerful way for health insurers to manage their members and build risk profiles. Collaborating with healthcare providers and sharing information is an even better way to ensure each party has the complete picture of an individual when making decisions regarding their health.

Benefits for Private Health Insurers

  • Orion Health has been able to bring together all the technical aspects in what is a really complex and difficult area and bring our vision to life. They have been tolerant and patient – and most of all they have listened to what we are trying to achieve. We now have a partner who is embedded with our clinical teams in hospital and primary care and is intuitively working with us to create something that works for both patients and our community.


    CEO, Canterbury District Health Board, NZ

  • Orion Health’s product portfolio continues to be one of the leading platform for Health Insurance organisations.



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