Phil Rodgers, eHealth Project Manager

In 2018, a new Diabetes Pathway was rolled out across Northern Ireland with the aim of improving care efficiency and patient outcomes. The Pathway was rolled out by Orion Health following the implementation of the Northern Ireland Electronic Care Record (NIECR) by Health & Social Care NI (HSCNI).

Following a successful pilot exercise the Pathway can now be accessed by all diabetes clinicians across Northern Ireland who care for the c.100,000 people in the region living with the condition.

The new Diabetes Pathway now allows clinicians and other medical professionals involved in the treatment of patients with diabetes to access accurate and timely information when and where they need it. The need to re-key data is removed, and information can be shared between trusts should a patient move location or data is required for reporting purposes.

In this video Phil Rodgers, eHealth Project Manager, talks about how the Diabetes Pathway within the Northern Ireland Electronic Care Record helps clinicians in their everyday lives.

Read the press release about the Pathway here.