1. The Interoperability Showcase

Orion Health is part of the Interoperability Showcase again this year, demonstrating how we’re using interoperability standards to facilitate the sharing of health information and improve the quality and value of healthcare. Our platform product owners, Mohannad Hammadeh and Federica Lanzo will be demonstrating the important role Amadeus as an HIE plays in the ‘Bundled Payments’ scenario. It provides participants and providers with the most complete view of the patient’s health record, which helps to drive down healthcare spending on unnecessary or duplicate tests and procedures.

Health information still doesn’t flow as freely as it should. Every day, clinicians face challenges in accessing data from a patient’s EHR, healthcare organisation’s portals can require different logins, and accessing laboratory and radiology results for patients can be difficult. Bundled payment programs are designed to improve the quality of care provided to Medicare patients, this is achieved by encouraging collaboration with the stakeholders involved with an episode of care and containing the costs involved with providing that care.

Catch us at the 2019 HIMSS Interoperability Showcase, Feb. 12 where we are participating in the ‘Bundled Payments & Chronic Pain Management’ use case.

2. Dr. Kevin Ross presents on the role of machine learning in precision health

Director of Research at Orion Health and CEO of the Precision Driven Health research partnership, Kevin Ross is speaking at HIMSS about Machine Learning over our growing electronic health records. Dr. Ross will speak about using machine learning to identify patterns and combinations of risk factors in Electronic Health Records (EHRs), giving clinicians a more holistic view of a patient. Combining historical health records with new data from genomics and other sources such as personal devices, it is possible to train algorithms to calculate the likelihood of almost any health outcome. This ability to predict will allow families to prepare, clinicians to target their treatment, hospital administrators to plan, and healthcare systems to operate more efficiently and ultimately improve the health of our community. 

Machine Learning over our growing electronic health records
Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2.30-3.30pm
Room W308A (Session 165) 

3. Care management for chronic disease session

Wearable and handheld solutions, like Orion Health Remote Patient Monitoring, are a perfect fit for enabling patients and other types of care facilities to keep their patients out of hospital – but also keep clinical providers informed.  

The broader goal of care coordination is for clinician-patient collaboration, with the right technologies, to bring a patient’s data from wearables, blood pressure monitors, blood glucose monitors and other home health devices, directly into the patient’s medical record and the existing clinical workflows. When we combine patient education, positive habit-forming activities and direct access to clinical providers, we have introduced a new kind of care engagement.  

In this particular session, we’re interested in hearing about the latest technologies that payers are starting to use, and the collaborations that are happening in order to help payers meet their members’ needs.

Empowering Consumers with Data to Improve Chronic Disease Conditions
Tuesday, Feb. 12, 1:30pm – 2:30pm, Convention Centre, W315A
Speakers: Joshua Riff, CEO, Onduo and Mark Talluto, VP of Strategy and Analytics, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

4. Jason Careless shares our AWS story

Orion Health hosts data for 50 million users on the AWS Cloud, enabling healthcare providers to securely access patient data ranging from clinical information and genomics, to claims and reimbursement data. Providers can then identify opportunities for personalised treatment and prevention strategies to deliver optimised healthcare. 

Speaking on the AWS booth, Jason Careless, Chief Technology Officer at Orion Health will be demonstrating how Amadeus, our platform for population health and precision medicine hosted on AWS, is enabling our customers to securely acquire, unify and store large amounts of health data to power effective care coordination across multiple settings.

The Journey to Integrated Care: The Building Blocks for Population Health Management 
Tuesday 12 Feb 1.30pm
AWS Booth #5058

5. The Orion Health Happy Hour!

Come and join us over a glass of highly renowned New Zealand wine and some light snacks on Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 February at 4pm at our booth #4758.

If you’d like to talk more in-depth about how we can help your organization on their journey to population health and precision medicine, schedule a meeting with one of our subject matter experts.