In today’s world, healthcare costs are rising, driven by an ageing population and a growing number of people with chronic diseases. Healthcare organisations are challenged with providing care for more patients who require more intensive and expensive interventions. A patient’s location and mobility are critical factors that limit the scope and quality of care available in the community.

Orion Health has designed a virtual care solution, Remote Patient Management (RPM), which enables remote care of patients in the community and reduces the burden on the health system. Distance and mobility will no longer be barriers to effective treatment.

How does RPM work?

Orion Health’s RPM, which in its simplest form, is a directed communication platform between patients and their circle of care. It transmits key patient information electronically to clinicians for analysis and treatment adjustment.

The aim is to empower patients to monitor their health in real-time and to adopt healthier behaviour patterns in response to active daily monitoring. The solution promotes a stronger support system by allowing family-caregivers to play an active role in the patient’s care.

Who benefits from RPM?

The Patient

The sickest patients in our health system often deal with chronic diseases, mental health issues and oncology. With RPM, distance and mobility will no longer be an obstacle to effective treatment. These patients can now access remote care from the comfort of their homes. Palliative care patients often express their desire to be at home as long as possible before they have to go into hospital. With RPM, palliative care patients can access remote regular care and stay home for as long as possible.

Healthcare Providers

RPM allows clinicians and caregivers the ability to build a precise plan, tailored to individual patient needs and requirements. Clinicians can intervene early, leading to reduced ED visits, medical visits and faster hospital discharges.

This virtual care product enables clinical collaboration to produce an improved and time care system that sustainably benefits the patients.