Healthcare has experienced a significant shift towards value-based care and patient empowerment, creating an inevitable demand for specialised applications that can derive meaning from existing health data.

Firstly, healthcare organisations will be looking to easily integrate the latest healthcare innovations into their current platform, so that they can make use of the platform’s rich patient records. These insights will allow them to proactively manage their population’s health, by preventing problems before they occur. Secondly, consumers will want to interact with their health records in ways which feel natural to them, and they are empowered to be more engaged with their own health.

Application Programming interfaces, or APIs, play a huge role in opening up a healthcare platform to external applications, but they are only one part of the story. Developers need to see the value in investing their time into building these applications on top of a current platform, and APIs alone aren’t convincing enough.

App developers will look for:

  • A platform with a large global reach
  • Quality APIs that are based on industry standards
  • Documentation that they can quickly and easily access
  • A sandbox where they can quickly validate their ideas
  • Tools which can help speed up their development
  • A community they can turn to for support

 Orion Health Amadeus is not only a platform with a global footprint, but it also comes with Open APIs that are based on industry leading open standards such as OAuth2, FHIR®, and OpenID Connect. This makes it easier for developers to build their app once, and deploy it against a large number of vendor platforms that also support those open standards.

In the latest chapter in our API story, the Orion Health Developer Portal now makes it possible for developers to experiment with health APIs and innovate on our platform. The Developer Portal will provide all the information that a developer would need to integrate their existing app, or build a new app using the open standards that we support. The documentation in the Developer Portal is loaded with examples that can be run against our sandbox, allowing anyone interested in the APIs to see how they work and what they can do.

In addition to the guides in our Knowledge Hub, the fact that our APIs are built on open standards means that developers can take advantage of the existing online communities, tools, connectathons, and hackathons to turn their ideas into reality. With these tools, the sky is the limit. Developers have access to everything they need to make healthcare smarter, and build solutions that will change the world.

We are continuously adding more content to the Developer Portal, and there is a feedback function for developers to use if they require more information. The Orion Health Developer Portal builds on our API story, and reinforces our commitment to revolutionise global healthcare so every individual receives the perfect care for them. To learn more about the Developer Portal, click through the button below.